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Telelaw services are no longer the future, it is the present. The same as telehealth and telemedicine. The world is moving toward services being offered virtually an remotely. There is no need for a client to visit a lawyer at his or her office. The same can be said about the lawyer visiting the place of work of the client. Travelling time and costs are being saved in the process. In this way, productivity is also increased.

Saving time and money

With telelaw services, the client can focus on running his or her business. Legal advice meetings can be arranged for the same day and at convenient times. Extremely advanced scheduling of meetings are not necessary and things happen faster. With telelaw, communications between lawyer and client can take place after hours, and on weekends as well, should the need arise.

Our telelaw service is therefore advantageous for the following clients:

1. Businesses who need to constantly communicate with their lawyer;

2. General communications between the lawyer and a business;

3. Individuals requiring legal advice;

4. Urgent legal assistance when meeting with a lawyer is impossible.

Tools at work

There are a variety of tools that individuals and businesses can use when it comes to telelaw services.

These services include the use of the following software or Applications:

1. Zoom;


3. Skype;

4. FaceTime; and

5. WhatsApp Video.

All of the above tools have specific features useful for a specific client or business. For example, an individual may make use of WhatsApp Video Call, and a business requiring advice on a certain issue may use a Zoom video conference. This is so as many people may want to be in on the conference.

What are the costs of the Telelaw service?

Costs of our Telelaw services (other than the once-off legal advice service offered by Our Lawyer (Pty) Ltd)) vary from client to project. We have a once-off legal advice consultation fee (offered by Our Lawyer (Pty) Ltd, and then there are costs applicable for specific projects. This fee would be advised to the client beforehand. Please contact us in this regard.

The once-off consultation fee is R 900 – 00 for 40 minutes or part thereof.

To set up a legal advice consultation, please complete the form by making use of this link.

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