Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions

What is Telelaw

Telelaw refers to legal services and advice being provided through digital means. For example, via video or telephonically. The conventional method is face to face in a lawyer’s office.

How does payment work for a once-off legal consultation?

Not everyone requires the services of a lawyer. Sometimes they only require a legal ear and a once-off legal advice consultation. For this, all you do is complete the appointment form. Once you click on submit, you would receive an email with the necessary payment details. Once payment is made, the lawyer will contact you to arrange a convenient date and/or time for the legal advice consultation.

Can I have a legal consultation after hours or on weekends?

We understand that our service is useful for people who are not available during the working day to consult with a lawyer. Therefore a legal advice consultation can take place after hours or on a weekend. This would depend on the availability of the appointed legal practitioner. If however a convenient date and time after hours or on a weekend cannot be arranged for you and the appointed legal practitioner, or another practitioner,  then a full refund would be applicable.

Can you assist businesses with legal services?

The Telelaw services are ideal for businesses as well. There is no need for a business to employ a lawyer full time. This is where our company would be of great assistance. Feel free to contact us and we can discuss your business’s specific needs. Kindly use this link: connect.